You hear me talk a lot about my skin when I got pregnant and how it was not great and ultimately became pretty sensitive to what I typically would use for years prior. That’s ultimately what sealed the deal in me using more BeautyCounter products and signing up to be a consultant but also pay more attention to what I using on my skin, from hand soap to moisturizer and even making sure I apply sunscreen every day. Here is where Supergoop! falls in to all this. Outside of using more clean products (and as I’ve said before – I’m not on this all natural, vegan kick. I just want to be more aware of what I use on my skin). There has been so many studies that have come out on how awful a lot of sunscreens that are out there stay in your body for days after applying it, can cause health issues. UHHH, WHAT?! You mean it doesn’t just come off when I take a shower!! Kind of scary. Studies out there talk about using “mineral sunscreens” which reflect rather than absorbs the UV rays. Now of course having our daughter, unfortunately our sweet girl has super sensitive skin thanks to her Daddy’s side of the family, with the super fair skin, reddish-blonde hair and blue eyes, girlfriend poor face takes the brunt of it especially with all of the teething she has going on and rubbing her face constantly. MJ is starting to love being outside in her little pool just splashing around and we have already tried a few baby sunscreens lotions out there and they have been a no go and making her skin even drier. I’ll be ordering the Supergoop! Sunnyscreen mineral lotion for her for sure to try out since I’ve heard so many good things about it and I have been loving their products on myself. I personally use their Mineral Matte Screen, their Setting Powder and on summer days I love using the creamy eye shadow. Everything (yes, even the eyeshadow) has SPF in it. I’ll have a video on these products I use daily on my IG highlights.

My daily go-to’s

There is a 20% off sale going on right now for National Sunscreen Day, so if there is anything you are wanting to try out take advantage of the sale now! I’ll link what I use below, along with products I’m going to pick up during the sale to be set for summer days. CODE: SUNSALE