Baby Skincare/Sensitive Skin

My sweet girl and poor hubs both suffer from eczema, so we’ve been trying all different products to see what works for them. It has been a struggle for both of them but definitely more so for Maddy. Her skin is SO sensitive it breaks my heart when she gets dry and itchy. We’ve found that she has humidity induced eczema the worst, which makes sense because when she was a newborn and getting into the real cold months here in IL her skin started becoming red and dry at the end of January into February, then again during the summer on real hot/humid days and again when it recently got chilly and we would turn the heat up higher. Unfortunetly but in a good situation, Maddy had a follow up allergist appointment and that’s when we figured out her skin issue and ways to try to get it under control. First off, I never really knew that keeping the humidity level down in the house was important regardless of sensitive skin (insert hand to the face!), but that I didn’t know how to get it under control! Every house is different but we are able to control a switch on our vents that helps the airflow with the changing seasons and using our Nest thermostat, figured out the best times to turn the fan on to further help the air flow and keep the humidity levels down under 40% – which is amazing!

Now, on to the products we use in our house to help with the sensitive skin. Keep in mind, this is what works for us and what our General Practitioner, my daughter’s Pediatrician and Allergist have all told us to do. There are days that I know my daughter and hubs need their steroid cream but it’s the last thing I want them use if they don’t have to. The key to eczema is to keep the skin constantly hydrated, so that flare ups don’t happen and at minimum not using any products with “fragrance” and use a humidifier at night in the baby’s room. For the hubs, he has eczema on his hands and has found Burt’s Bees Hand Cream has been working lately, we stock up on the hand lotion from Amazon or you can sometimes find them at Target or Walgreens/CVS. For our girl, we try to do baths every day during flare ups, with either no or minimal use of soap on her and baths every other day when she’s having good days. She gets lotion up every morning and night and on rough days gets extra lotion at each diaper change or when I notice her itching a little more. We use vaseline or baby aquaphor on her face and neck and we use Lush’s Dream Cream (self-preserving one) on the rest of her body to stay hydrated. During MJ’s baths on those really bad days, we started using Eczema Honey Co’s Oatmeal Bath bombs to help leave her skin smooth and calm down her little hot spots she gets. I get the set of 6 and cut them all in quarters to last, especially since she doesn’t have a ton of water when she takes a bath it’s pointless to use a whole bath bomb for just a little water and makes the bombs last longer. If you have small baby you can even cut those quarters in half and put a small one in the tub if they have eczema or dry skin to help get it hydrated. I just placed an order to replenish her bath bombs but also ordered their France Free Oatmeal Bubble Bath & ordered their Mommy & Baby Balm. I’ll report back here with an update after we try out the new products for a month.

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