Toddler Boy’s Room Makeover

Let me start off by saying this is not a sponsored blog post. I do however, have a Samplized sponsored/ad reel on my IG page for your viewing if you’d like to check out the project (linked here).

After two years of living in our home and plenty of projects later, it was finally time to work on my son’s room! This was a labor of love for sure. It was a bright blue, I knew I wanted an accent wall but wasn’t sure what exactly, had plenty of spots that needed to be patched up (and while the closet still needs some love) I worked on it over a a week and a half and it came out truly better than I thought. My biggest issues from the day we moved in was figuring out how I can transform his room to one that he can grow in to and what color scheme would be? My daughter’s room makeover was like nothing at all to me; a little bit of primer, a couple coats of paint and a big girl bed was needed – I had it planned out and done in two days. At the beginning of this year I knew there where 3 projects I wanted to tackle this year and one of them was my son’s room. I also knew he would have to be moved out of his room and into the guest room while I worked on this project so that was part of the problem.

Rewind about two months ago, I just finished my first project on the list and knew my husband really wanted to redo my son’s room. I was searching pinterest high and low for ideas of course. I had a general idea of what trim work I wanted for the accent wall but no clue on colors. I changed my mind 5 times, then I saw an email come in from Samplize! It was like they read my mind and knew I needed help! So, we partnered up and I have seen this product around prior but never actually used it. If you have never heard of Samplize let me educate you on it real quick. It truly is a genius product for anyone that needs help choosing between colors. I will say, it’s especially helpful for those needing to see shades of white together to figure out which one is the perfect one for that specific project. Samplize is a peel and stick product that has 2 coats of the actual paint on it, you can move it around with no damage to the walls and use it on any surface (that’s including exterior surfaces, ladies and gents)! They have overnight shipping – so you decide one morning you want do paint some walls, you can choose from over 8,000 colors from the top paint brands and those samples will show up on your doorstep the very next day. It’s a pretty awesome option to have. I don’t think I’ll ever not use Samplize when it comes to figuring out paints colors for any of my future projects.

Now let’s get into the project


There was so much prep work in this room which is why I was so hesitant to start, since Will had to be moved out of this room like I mentioned earlier. It needed a lot of primer (on the non-accent walls) for me to go from this bright blue to a shade of white to ensure it wouldn’t come through – which also comes into play with the paint. Choosing the right brands and paint type makes the world of a difference. The brands and levels of paint choices I use, are ones that have a 1 coat guarantee for them, which makes the price well worth it.

I primed, painted, got trim; cut it down to the sizes need, sanded, primed and painted the trim, put it up, used the wood filler, caulked and had to do touch ups. This room was such a labor of love, I’m so happy with how well this room came together and a huge shoutout to Samplize for helping me decide on these paint colors. Especially helping me choose the right shade of white – truly the original shade of white I wanted was way to bright for me and if I didn’t have it from Samplize I would have ended up repainting those walls because I realized I wanted a more creamy shade than a brighter shade.

Fortunately for me, I did have a lot of the items I needed for this project already since I just finished one a month prior. I did purchase the trim which was the biggest expensive coming in at just over $200 and of course the paint. Paint cost me around $145 between the 2 gallons of paint. While, I know that seems expensive, the Shoji White I only had to do 1 coat of paint over the primer due to the type of paint I bought so that saved me and I still have plenty left. I’m thinking I’ll use the rest of the Shoji White in the small hallway leading into the kids bedrooms to lighten it up because I love the color so much. The Van Deusen Blue is such an amazing blue color, so for me it was well worth the price and I did do two coats of paint on the wall, plus I painted all of the trim and had to do touch ups after nailing it up, so I have less than a half a gallon left. Now let’s check out all the pictures and I have all the links to items in Will’s room. Remember, if you have a project coming up and are stumped on paint head over to Samplize and check out all the samples to help you make the best choice!

From start to finish and everything in between…

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