Guest Bath Renovation

Our guest bath was last on our list to redo when we bought the house, yet it was the first thing we redid! Why, you might ask? Well, when we did our inspection I noticed the tub drain was rusting. The inspector told us the plumbers should be able to come in, pop it out and put a new one in. Okay, great easy fix! Fast forward a few months after moving in we got the plumbers out and as they start looking over it and stuck a camera down the drain, the plumber says well the whole pipe is basically disintegrating and it could burst at any point. Insert W.T.F right here! The plumber advises us the ceiling in my kitchen would need to be opened up to get to the pipe and in total be around a $2,000 job. I said NOPE! We knew we wanted to renovate the bathroom eventually, but that was after the fireplace, finishing the basement and redoing the master bathroom. Hahaha, clearly joke was on us and it had to be done first.

We found a great contractor from a recommendation of our neighbor, we got started 2 months later. We were fortunate that we didn’t need to rip down every way and start from scratch which definitely saved us money in the end. It was the day before my birthday that demo got started, and of course it was rainy gross day. They start tearing down the walls, I hear our contractor stop working and come downstairs. He tells me (and shows me) water is leaking down one of the beams. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! HAHAH I mean, it was not funny at the time at all. Construction stopped as quickly as it started. We were worried about mold and quickly realized it was coming from the skylight. We had to have a mold and remediation company come out to inspect everything, had to deal with the roofing company and wait for them to come out. It was a whole ordeal, of course. The roofing company patched it up and put a layer of silicone around the casing because it looked as if it was coming from that since the flashing and everything else on the roof looked fine as the roof was only 2 years old. It’s only fitting we’ll now need to take care of the casing issue this Spring. Looking back at the situation we were lucky to find out about the problem when we did, because there was no sign that the skylight was leaking other than when we had the wall opened. We were able to pull out the wet insulation and put Kilz primer on it to create a barrier so that no mold would grow after we closed it back up. We really had an amazing contractor, him and his brother did everything they could and were so accommodating.

Needless to say, it caused some stress but it got done and we couldn’t be happier! Here are some of the pics from during the process and our final product.

I added a motion sensor light from Amazon last week under the cabinet for those late night bathroom visits for anyone that stays so they don’t have to put on the bright lights! Link here

Everything I could link is below!

Amazon Finds

The Tile Shop – For the shower tile we used, this – Eastern Arena Ceramic Wall Tile 8×24 & this – Neo White Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile 12×24.