Fireplace Reno

This was a labor of love to design! This space when we bought the house in the Spring, we knew it was going to be interesting to design and setup to work for us and our family. The fireplace was not the focal point of the room and the tv mount from the previous owners was place on the wall to the left of the fireplace. We had an area on the right of fireplace was was a weird, awkward area that we didn’t know how we could take advantage of it for the kids and I went through 3-4 different configurations before I settled on what it is now. I ended up painting the living room, breakfast area and kitchen all Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (in their Pearl Finish) throughout. I put up curtain rods and drop cloth curtains to help cozy the space up, purchased 2 boucle chair and side table to create a sitting area and storage cabinets to hide all the kids toys. We hung up a large round mirror we had from our bedroom set that we weren’t using in the master in this new house, which weirdly matches the floors in this house and bought a Van Gough replica in a dark print and framed it for our back wall.

Doing your own design for projects can be intimidating for sure. You want it just right, because redoing it later for the amount of money it cost between labor and product is out of the question (unless you’re a millionaire hahah). The fireplace was obviously our focal point and I needed to make sure it tied the rooms all together with modernizing the space in this 1987 standard builder type home. So of course, I had to go with black tile and we worked with a local fireplace company to update the actual fireplace itself. It was advertised when we bought the house that it was a gas/wood burning fireplace, when in reality it was only wood burning because they removed the gas line. We added the gas line back in, had a custom face and doors made, painted the firebox black and went with the gas spheres and black mirrored fire glass for the bottom of the firebox. We also decide to forego a mantle due to not enough space between the tile ending and our huge FrameTV not being at the top of the wall, which broke my design heart but it is what it is. Needless to say you guys, this space came out even better than my sketches and mood boards I initially came up with.

Without further ado, the before and afters! Follow me for more looks at our home renovations on IG @undeniablyelyse. Let me know your thoughts in the comments on how the space turned out.

Listing/Before pictures

The After