Fall Porch Refresh

Cue up the Gilmore Girls song with a big ole cup of coffee to reset my front porch with me! It’s finally 65 degrees here in IL on the first day of Fall, but when I did my refresh over the weekend it was a sweaty 85°! I started off by clearing everything off and power washing the front porch, which also by the way led to all the spiders wanting to come after me because I destroyed their homes. Anyways, I made few trips to all the home improvement stores and finally ended at Lowes and hit the motherload hahaha!

My porch was looking real sad after my topiaries died and I pulled them out. I somehow managed to keep my hanging basket I got for Mother’s Day alive and thriving but my plants in my self-watering planter didn’t make it. I’m confused on how this transpired but whatever, I was just waiting for all the Fall stuff anyway at that point! Here’s the sad before

And then the Fall refresh glow-up has been my favorite one yet!

I’m still thinking I need a fall doormat over the rug? Thoughts? I’ve found a few just haven’t ordered one. The rug and lanterns are from Walmart, the pumpkins are the faux Cinderella ones I found at Lowes. I normally spend WAYYY too much money on those type of pumpkins every year for them to only be out for a few months. I will add a few real pumpkins in but I can have these faux ones year after year, they are a decent weight and the size options are great. I’ll do a round up of some other faux pumpkins that can help save money over time. The white one is a foot big and shows sold out online but my store had a handful of them still in stock. The blue one is a 12″ one that I’ve linked. I usually stick with burnt orange for Fall Mums but went out of my comfort zone to have all the colors for Fall this year and I’m in love. The large Mum on the right back side is one from Costco that I got for $16.99 and it’s a 14″ Mum. I can’t wait to see that one in full bloom and how big it’s going to be. The lanterns are from the Better Home & Garden line and are outdoor lanterns ON A TIMER! It is so hard to find outdoor lanterns that have timers built into them, let alone not break the bank and the medium one is under $30. You honestly can’t beat some of the outdoor finds from Walmart.

Hope this gives you some inspo for your Fall porch refresh! Share any refreshes with me over on IG and tag me in your stories if you do @undeniablyelyse!

*Update to add I added a little Fall touch to our back patio stoop. Crate & Barrel had these amazing outdoor lanterns on sale at the Outlet but also shows it on their website so I figured I’d share it because they are such a great find. I bought the medium one for the stoop but thinking I need to go back to buy the large one for the other side to hide our meter that’s in the wall. They truly add a great ambience to any Fall night out on the patio by the fire pit!