N-Sale 2021 Finds

The N-Sale is always a good time to grab gifts for upcoming holidays and for me this year it will be all about the babies and maybe grabbing a few cozy items for me and the hubs since we’ll have a new baby this winter and won’t be going many places! I’m definitely grabbing a few new Fall/Winter items for MJ and Winter items for new babe that we don’t have. I appreciate any shopping you do with me during this sale, as these links below are all affiliate links that I make a small commission on when you shop through the Nordstrom website only (not through the Nordstrom app).

What are the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access tiers?
Early Access is a special perk reserved for Nordstrom cardmembers. Your Nordy Club level is based on yearly spend amounts, though all cardmembers automatically start at Influencer status. You can only shop Anniversary Sale Early Access as a cardmember.

  • July 12: Early Access for cardmembers with Icon status.
  • July 14: Early Access for cardmembers with Ambassador status.
  • July 16: Early Access for cardmembers with Influencer status.
  • July 28: Anniversary Sale opens to the general public.
I have and LOVE all of these items that I’ve grabbed over the last few years, definitely all still go to staples of mine.
Most worn items the hubs has and loves
We love our Stoke High Chair and how it grows with the baby, our Nuna Pipa will be used again for this babe in the Fall and that new Freshly Picked diaper bag is gorgeous. I love the FP items I have and use our 2 diaper bags every day.

Thanks again for shopping with me during the sale and never feel pressure to buy things you don’t need! I’m going to be doing my best just to get items we know we need for the babies and not to overbuy on things just because.