MYX Fitness Bike + Discount (*Updated* Discount – scroll to bottom)

Before the pandemic hit I had just started getting back into working after having my daughter 4.5 months prior. A girlfriend and I worked out for a solid 2 months at out our local gym, we even went to the gym and breakfast the morning Illinois shut down! It was only supposed to be for a few weeks and I did not see my whole life getting flipped upside down. After getting furloughed a few short weeks later, on days that it wasn’t raining or too hot I took my daughter for walks every day. We started off just in our subdivision and it just wasn’t long enough. I needed to clear my head and be outside as long as possible after everything that happened throughout the year, so our walks become 1-2 hours of being outside on walks and park visits for MJ. Then of course the hot days of summers came and I couldn’t take walks with MJ anymore because it was just too hot for both of us and being outside in the grass only entertained her so much. We have a little mini gym setup in our basement, so I would take my iPad down there and do my ToneItUp programs but I needed more. I saw everyone talking about ordering the Peloton bike and I was interested because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it from friends that have them, but I was also still furloughed and not having much promise of getting my job back as time went on which made me a little uneasy about spending that much money. Then I saw two bloggers that I’ve followed for years (who mind you are regular Mom’s, super money conscious and not people who really ever talked about working out) start talking about this bike called the MYXfitness bike. The cost at $1,299 (for the one I liked) and the main feature of having a swivel screen for recovery and workouts to do off the bike had me extremely interested but I had not seen it talked about anywhere else, so I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on something I wasn’t too sure about. I kept going back and forth between the two bikes and then finally in the Fall, Peloton came out with the Peloton Bike+ that had the swivel screen for off the bike workouts!! So pumped and then I realized it was $2,495. I just could not bring myself to spend double the money for a swivel screen that was 2.5″ larger than the MYX bike and $49/mth for the access to classes.

For months, I sat on it and finally pulled the trigger in the beginning of February after having awful back pains from just sitting on the couch/floor with MJ the last 5 months doing a whole lot of nothing and it was also not doing anything for my mental health either. I felt like I was so on edge all the time and I was getting anxious way more often. I went off my Equilibria CBD pills and oils as we are trying to get pregnant again and it was not helping the situation at all, so I was desperate for something more. I needed to move my body again. I’ve now had my MYXfitness bike just days shy of a month and I’ve rode at least every other day, sometimes two rides a day. The HIIT rides have been so great, the music is constantly changing along with the rides and the floor workouts. They have scenic ride options, which is what the hubs wanted for days he won’t be able to ride is bike on the trail during hot or rainy days. There are hundreds of floor workouts and I have not have one class that hasn’t pushed me or a workout that wasn’t just what I needed. I didn’t buy the MYX Plus bike since I already had all the extras, so I just bought The MYX and ordered the stabilizer mat off Amazon – as it does not come with one. Also to note with the MYXfitness bikes, you do not have to have clip in bike shoes. You can definitely purchase some from third-party sites that I’ll link below but I just use my regular gym shoes and it works great for right now. I’m so happy – my body (especially my back) and my mental health has never been better. I’m in such a great spot in my life and this bike helped me so much more than I realized I needed!

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