Fall DIY Project with Circuit

A little fun fact about me is I am a DIY lover! I watch any DIY shows, YouTube videos, IG/TikTok videos and love DIY magazines. For Christmas, 3 years ago my Mom bought me a Circuit machine that I have been wanting for years to make more crafts. I admit, I haven’t done anything that’s too hard yet but I love making shirts, signs and have created a few greeting cards with my Circuit.

Just so happens there is a great Fall Color Sale going on over at Circuit.com with some good bundles like the one I got for my machine and on some of the vinyls I use to make my projects. There are some sales also on Michaels.com for the machine by itself as well that are linked below, including some of the pieces we bought for the sign I helped my Mom make below.

As the weather starts to change and I’ve been stuck inside with my daughter who was a little under the weather last week, I figured no better time to do some crafts then at that time. Insert this blank wooden hanging pumpkin I had sitting in my garage. Every year my Mom goes up to Wisconsin with her sister and girlfriend’s to a friend’s lake house. They went to the craft fair 2 years ago while they were up there and she bought this fairly large, blank handmade hanging pumpkin. She had wanted me to customize it for her when she bought it and I somehow never got around to it…shocker! I had randomly seen this round welcome door sign on social media a few weeks earlier and thought her pumpkin would be a great piece to use to make this sign, so I got to work. I had the paint that I wanted to use and I just needed to cut the vinyl to make a stencil. I had originally bought all this supplies last year to make those tall holiday welcome signs you see outside of everyones front door. We went shopping and bought all the stuff to make those boards, expect for the boards themselves and surprise, surprise never got around to getting them to making those signs. Hahah these are usually how my craft projects go. I have all the intention and drive in the world to make it, then I’m out shopping for things all day, forget one thing and then just don’t get back around to it. I have to have everything on hand right then and there or it doesn’t always get finished because life happens and I forget about it. Anyways, I made the stencil and honestly if you have ever used a Circuit machine or something similar to do crafts, you get lost in trying to find just the right font to use. I used the Circuit Removable Vinyl to make the stencil because I needed something that would stick to the wood and not move while I was painting the letters on. I did two coats with this textured chalk paint, let it dry and it turned out perfect! I didn’t mod podge the wood before hand which a lot of people recommended but I did sand it down a little more due to the roughness the wood had to make it a little smoother in hopes it would not bleed as much. I definitely recommend using some of chalk paint on wood because it went on so well and didn’t soak in too much, so the two coats of paint was perfect.

I loved how it turned out but the top looked so bare. We decided that night we’d run to the store and find some fall florals at the top to help fill it in and create some dimension to the sign since this would hang on my Mom’s front door. I helped her pick out a handful of items to choose from and told her how I’d arrange them using the hot glue gun and this picture below is how it turned out and looks on her front door. I’m in love! I can’t wait to see what next project we create, maybe it will be the tall welcome sign for my front porch. I did buy the Circuit leopard print infusible ink that night we went to the craft store to make a sweatshirt for myself, so stay tuned to see what project I do next. Let me know if there is a project you’d like to see or may be working on yourself this fall/winter!