At Home Manis

Since most of our states are under orders to stay in as much as possible it makes it a little hard for some ladies to get your nails done. As much as I love a good pampering, I’ve actually been doing my own nails on and off since I was in my twenties. From Acrylic nails, to Jamberry nail stickers, to no-chip and in most recent years doing the dipped nails. I want to change my nails so often that I’d spend way too much money a month going to the nail salons. So I figured out how to do my own nails and never really went back to the salon too much. Now don’t get wrong, I still will go get a no-chip every say often and a pedi every month or so because I dread having to do my own toes and now I can leave my husband with the baby and that’s my alone time! But I figured I’d share some of the things I use to do my at home manis.

I introduce you to Peppi Gel! My favorite at home manicure. I got my Mom hooked on it, of course because I would do her manicure every 2-3 weeks! I did a girlfriend’s of mine manicure every so often while she was pregnant too. I’ve reffered numerous friends of mine to order it. Probably one of my favorite products I use. They help my nails grow as you can see from the first picture, in less than a month how long my nails grew – and that’s cutting them down, they were still that long.

Essentially this product is a cleaner version of gels and acrylics. Straight from the Peppi site “Peppi Gel dip powder is proudly free of the 9 harshest chemicals found in beauty products, vegan (cruelty free), contains added vitamin E and calcium and of course USA made”. I love this product and the owners are awesome. I’ve been using Peppi for 2 years for a reason. Click here for a link to the site and $15 off your first starter kit to do your own dip manicure at home! Below are some of the other favorites I use when do a mani/pedi.

To help prep your nails
To help with nail prep, push your cuticles back and clip any dead skin around your nails
I use this to remove my manicure when I’m ready to change colors. I put hot water in a bowl, pour a little bit of this remover in a plastic bag, along with a paper towel and rub your nails against the paper towels until the dip comes off and that’s it! Usually takes about 10 minutes for my set to come off. Your hands will definitely dry out from the acetone so be sure to use plenty of lotion after your manicure.