Our little bug’s nursery

Finally worked on getting our nursery details up now that our little girl is 2 months old! Better late than never I suppose! I had so much fun decorating the nursery, once it was finally ready to decorate that is. It took us up until a month and a half before my due date to finally prime the room and then another 2 weeks to paint the second coat and do the trim hahaha! Talk about procrastination for me since I’m always very organized and a plan ahead kind of gal. During my pregnancy though, I realized that planning ahead and having to be organized ALL the time doesn’t always work out and doesn’t need to. I have become much more laid back thanks to my little one and it’s kind of great. Anywho, here is MJ’s nursery and I’ve linked below as much as possible. I loved how it all came together and how perfect it is for her. We’ve waited so long for this day to come and it’s such a blessing to give her the world.

Stroller | Carriage for Stroller | Dreamcatcher | Flowers |

Moon on wall was from Hobby Lobby, Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig and pillows are from Home Goods/TJ Maxx

Dresser is linked here from Ikea

Our first night home with our little one and my brother in law captured this moment. What a night it was and we could not have been more happy to finally be home with MJ!