Target Summer Finds

Stops in Target are not what they used to be now that I’m pregnant! Before I’d spend forever in there just wondering around and trying a ton of cute things on and leaving with almost everything I found. Now, I have to try on a cart full of cute things and NOTHING fits 99% of the time and I’m completely exhausted after my try on. HAHA, pregnant problems! So one day a few weeks ago, when I tried on a cart full of clothes, I left with 99% of the things I tried on. I was so excited and best part was most of my clothes were not maternity clothes. So I’ll be able to wear them after my pregnancy too!

White & Black Striped Tank | White Maternity Shorts | Sandals

This cardigan was probably one of my favorite finds of my Target trip! I’ve worn it so much already since I bought it. 1 cardigan with 3 looks. This isn’t even including if you pair the cardigan with a white skirt, jeans or capris! Regardless, I love a good summer cardigan for the cooler nights. Both pairs of shorts are maternity, which I did leave with the white ones! I love the versatility of a cardigan paired with cute shorts and swapping the shorts and tee/tank out makes such a difference.

Cardigan | White Maternity Tank | Blue Tank Top | White Maternity Shorts | Denim Maternity Shorts

I kept telling myself I’m not buying anymore maternity clothes because I have just over 2 months left, but that doesn’t not work when 90% of clothes don’t fit anymore! This little girl is non stop growing and my Mom told me I’d get it all back on day for when she was pregnant with me during one of the hottest summers. Welp, it’s happening. Thanks Mom! Anywho, I thought this top was perfect to pair with shorts or white jeans for a date night if you’re pregnant. It was too cute to pass up so this top came home with me.

Maternity Tank Top | Maternity Shorts

This tee is non-maternity, so I just sized up one to a large since they stretch and wash well and thought it was a perfect casual option for any 4th of July festivities with it’s red and blue stripes. This definitely came home with me since I’ll be able to wear it after the bump and love this line from Target. I have these tees in all different colors and patterns they’ve come in throughout the last year or so.

Tee Shirt | Maternity Shorts

I mean come on! How could I not bring this home to wear for the 4th? This was in the maternity section but doesn’t have any normal maternity ruching that it typically would and I got a size Medium. It’s so cute and perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having. I’m just hoping it won’t rain while the Hubs and I are up in Minnesota this week for the holiday. Either way, I’ll be wearing this cute tank for this on Thursday.

Graphic Tank | Maternity Shorts

This cutie of a dress is a maternity dress and thought it was so perfect for a shower or a date night even. The bows on it are adorable. It’s flowly and decently long, which is very rare for me to find since I’m tall. I ended up getting a medium for a little more length. Just an FYI the straps are not adjustable.

Maternity Dress