Basic Tee & Black Pants – 3 ways

Best part – You can style this as Maternity or Non-Maternity!

I finally went through all of my clothes and donated BAGS of stuff that I’ve been just holding on to saying “I’ll definitely wear this soon” (Insert eye rolls, especially from my hubs here!) HAHAH It’s totally a joke, things I haven’t worn in months and now not fitting into most of my clothes I’m fully taking advantage of spring cleaning, nesting, prego belly whatever way you want to spin in it-excuse to get ride of all the clothes that are not going to be worn and just taking up entirely too much space. This look I put together, I guarantee you most of you already have a striped tee and black jeans/jeggings in your closet! So despite all the cute colored spring options I now have displayed on my wardrobe rack in my office, I’m sharing with you a cute way to incorporate this basic look for spring time.

Fitted Tee | Maternity Leggings | Espadrilles Necklace | Dreamcatcher Bracelet| Beaded Bangle | Beaded Gold Wire |Watch

Hat | Purse | Necklace | Bracelets | Watch

Everything I have on is TTS, so medium in the top, 6 in the jeggings (but these are maternity) so I still stuck with my normal size pre-pregnancy at H&M in all their maternity clothes, which I’m loving by the way. Here is a pair of their non-maternity pair at H&M ($14.99!!) How can you beat that and they come in 9 washes total. Espadrilles are also TTS, size 9. The front is a faux-suede but they are also a bit stretchy so I’m hoping they’ll work out well through most of my pregnancy! They are definitely comfortable too, which is plus. The hat is an easy add to make it perfect for a casual day date out and this purse I bought from TJ Maxx, right before I headed out of town and it’s so similar to the Amazon one I linked under the picture.

Of course this casual spring look couldn’t do without an appearance from my new favorite distress boyfriend denim jacket! Such an easy added piece, especially if it’s a cooler day or night out to have with you and throw on over your shoulders.

This look is so easy to dress up and have as a date night outfit or even a work outfit. This sweater blazer is a must for the work place but I love to have it with me for an added layer if it’s warm during the day and chiller at night and want this outfit a little dresser. These shoes are some of my favorite and a little bit of a splurge but so worth the investment. They are made with recycled bottles and can be WASHED!! You guys, I’ve washed them 2-3 times since I’ve had them for a little over a year and they go so great with everything. I also have a coupon code for you to get $20 off your first Rothy’s purchase. I have “The Point-Leopard” and I did size up to a 9.5 because of the point and they are perfect. A few of my co-workers and friends got them while they were pregnant and said they were worth it! Here is the link again,

These are just 3 ways to bring this basic look that you can incorporate all year into spring. It doesn’t end there. Add flip flops, mules or swap the pants out for shorts and a cute longer cardigan for a casual day out and tie it around your waist! As always, hopefully this gives you some ideas to turn a basic outfit into cute Spring options.