Mini Christmas Tree Styling

I had this one corner in my hallway with a little area for something that just looked so sad and I had no idea what to do with it. Now remember, my husband and I just bought this home in March. It’s our first home coming from our 20 different small apartments we had in the city for the last 6 years of our relationship (okay it wasn’t 20 it was more like 4, but that’s still a lot of moves in the time we’ve been together.) Needless to say, the largest apartment we once had was 1200sqft, while the rest where under 900sqft. We didn’t need a lot of stuff for our small places so when we moved here, we realized how little of furniture and stuff we really had. Now that I have so much more room for activities (name that movie!) and decor, I had nothing and had to buy everything! When I was shopping for our new big Christmas tree that I ended up buying at Walmart, I saw a few smaller trees for $25 and under. So naturally having more rooms to decorate this year, I bought this one for my Hub’s Bar room and this little guy with the intention I was going to put it the two trees in our bar room next to the fireplace for a stacked look. Welp, as soon as I got home I saw that sad boring corner and put the mini 3ft tree there! Now, how I got to the final look was like a 2 week process because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it! It was so short and stumpy, I was thinking I’d just return it and get another 6ft tree. I’m glad I didn’t! My husband stopped at this little boutique close by home and found some ornaments that matched our home (all without asking me ladies, it was quite a nice surprise). So, I ultimately went off of those 4 ornaments he brought home (if you’re local they came from Cait’s Kitchen & Decor located in Mokena) and decorated two out of the three trees around them! This ornament below was how it all came together. 

Plaid ornament with a pinecone and pine tree attached was what set the tone for this tree
Second idea for the tree area

I literally changed the look of this tree 6 times before I got the final result. At first, the little tree was just sitting on the ground by its lonesome. Then, I saw this crate from Michael’s  I had out in my husband’s room and figured this would help give it some height, but knew it needed more around it. I was in Kirkland’s and found this little light up wooden present (they had them for individual sale in store) and this small accent pillow to add to it. Well, as you see above it doesn’t look so cozy and adorable, does it? Looks like I just threw whatever I had around the house next to it!

Then came the blanket idea…

I figured I’d give the area a little more texture with the wooden star my Aunt bought me as a house warming gift (which matches my floors perfectly) and this red blanket that I found at TJ Maxx. I loved the idea of the blanket, but not my $30 blanket I planned on using…often! So then I was back to square one with what to do with the crate. Do I paint it? Do I find a tree skirt to use? Well I tried that right before I settled on using a blanket and it was the worst idea! I had a red sweater knit mini tree skirt that I found at Target and it was just so sad looking because the tree skirt was so small and looked better just standing on the box! HAHAH anyway! I figured I’d try and find another blanket possibly to work with this area. 

This was the inspiration I needed!

As I mentioned earlier, my husband stopped at a local boutique and came home with 4 ornaments. This was the one I pulled from our main tree and I ran with it! Red plaid! DUH! I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place because I wanted buffalo plaid on the main tree and decided not to based on the other 3 ornaments that were brought home and just placed on the tree by my sweet husband! I knew I wanted the red theme threw out our home, so this ended up being the perfect solution. I ended up finding this cute throw that was $10 at Target (same price as a mini tree skirt!) that was soft and had little pom poms on it. It was the perfect texture and elements for a cozy corner and I can use it after the holidays! Win, win! 

Came together nicely!

Then, I stopped into JoAnn Fabrics and found all of these buffalo plaid and wooden elements that I envisioned. The mittens with faux fur on them are a favorite, also from Joann’s. Unfortunately, I can’t link them but I did still see them in stores. They were from the Woodland Lodge line and Blooming Holiday line. Here’s a few them up close. 

I still felt like with all of these ornaments and cute add-ons I missing something. Then I remembered this wicker sleigh I just bought from Hobby Lobby. What I bought it for, no clue! I just had it randomly sitting by my front door and I felt like I had no where to put it. Everything at Hobby Lobby was 1/2 off (off course) and I think I bought this for $10 or $12! So I had the genius idea to remove the feet from the tree, stick it between the pieces of woven wicker in the bottom of the sled to stabilize it, bunched the blanket up around it to look like snow and there we had the finished piece! I brought the mittens down and hung them on the sled, moved a few of the other pieces around and I couldn’t be happy with the way it all came out!

There are never too many places for a little Christmas decor in your home! I hope this gave you some inspiration for any last minute touches to your decor or pin it to your Pinterest boards and save this for next years inspiration.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year